Friday, October 29, 2010

Subversion experience

 My Experiences With Subversion by Simon Tatham

 1. Introduction

When I’m not at work, I’m a free software developer. I maintain a variety of published projects, ranging from fairly major things like PuTTY to tiny little Unix utilities; and I have almost as wide a variety of unpublished projects as well, ranging from half-finished major programs to my personal .bashrc. Until November 2004, all these projects were stored in CVS, along with probably 90% of the other free software in the world.

Then I migrated to Subversion. This took a fair amount of thought and effort to do well, and shortly afterwards I was asked by a colleague if I could write something about my experiences. He was probably expecting something more like a couple of paragraphs, but I thought, hey, why not do the job right? :-)

This article is not a rant. In general, I have found Subversion to be linearly superior to CVS and I certainly don’t regret migrating to it. The article is just an attempt to share my experiences: things to watch out for, how to get the most out of Subversion, that sort of thing.

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