Friday, October 29, 2010

OpenSUSE extreme makeover

First, SCIM (fitx) did not work out well for me. It works but even after I have completed Chinese input, the floating window still dangles around and giving me suggestions for the same word over and over again. Plus, I heard people say that some applications might crash SCIM input tool.

So, I simply uninstalled SCIM and got Fcitx, a lightweight input tool. This time, everything worked out very beautifully. The easiest way to install is from OpenSUSE online search and use “one-click install”. The homepage for Fcitx is here and people are really saying good words about it.

============= Make your OpenSUSE look like Mac ================

There are many tutorials from Google and this is one of the best I found that treats every aspects including bootup screen, GDM login window, GDM splash picture, window theme, Compiz/Fusion theme, Firefox theme, pidgin theme, music player theme, wallpapers, etc. This is an open source project called Mac4Lin, really solid job!

I also tried the docking application Avant Window Navigator, which emulates Mac dock for application launchers. Maybe I did not configure it right, it only shows icons representing active application windows, not application launchers that you can use to open applications. So, I did not install this docking application.

Other parts are perfectly fine and I am quite satisfied with the look and feel of my OpenSUSE now. Maybe someday when I save enough money, I will go get a Macbook Pro…

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