Friday, October 29, 2010

LuaEclipse setup on Snow Leopard

So, the instructions on the LuaEclipse main site won’t work for the latest Eclipse and I had many errors last time. Today, I finally got LuaEclipse 1.3.1 set up and running now. Here are the steps:


  1. install lua and luarocks from MacPorts (sudo port install lua luarocks)
  2. install LuaProfiler using luarocks (luarocks install luaprofiler) 
  3. download and install Eclipse 3.4.2, this version works with current LuaEclipse release
  4. install LuaEclipse 1.3.1 from the update site, note that the official LuaEclipse installation guide only shows update site for 1.0 and 1.2. You need to use this update site:, for other OS, you can use the update sites found from here
  5. configure LuaEclipse through Eclipse Preferences > Lua, add Lua Interpreter (point it to /opt/local/bin/lua) and Lua Profiler (point it to /opt/local/var/luarocks/lib/5.1/
  6. all set, you can create a new Lua project and start writing Lua and debugging, profiling it…
Interestingly, LuaEclipse developers have started working on LuaEclipse 2. Here is the installation instruction and the main site on GitHub.



  1. FWIW, you may want to have a look at Lua Development Tools, which is the successor of LuaEclipse (and an official Eclipse project BTW).
    To ease the installation process as much as possible, we are distributing a ready-to-use, pre-packaged, Eclipse version!

  2. thanks for the link, I will update the post. However, how come it does not have a run/debug configuration? I searched on the forum and seems like I need to set up external tools configuration to get it to work. Do you plan to add run configuration? Otherwise, it is a bit inconvenient.

  3. Hi!

    The main reason why the run configuration is not available yet is because we use Lua for embedded development, which means that the application is running on a distant machine. I agree this sounds very inconvenient for more simple development use cases. So yes, we will indeed add run configuration ASAP, and are welcoming any contribution in this area btw :)