Friday, October 29, 2010

BitKeeper Testdrive

BitKeeper test drive documentation from their website.

A discontinued tutorial for BitKeeper by Zac, it is quite interesting to see the reason for discontinuing the tutorial writing:

“(DISCONTINUED) A guide for starting into the world of Bit Keeper, a really cool source control system. This is the document I wish I had when I was getting started.. [UPDATE] Cancelled to do me finding out what the company behind the product is really like. Too bad, because it seems like it’s actually a pretty good product.”

I think sometimes people enjoy free lunches should not blame too much for not having free lunches suddenly. Everyone has family to support and needs money. But I would rather say at the very beginning clearly rather than giving the impression that I want to make money from the user base which were attracted because of the free services.

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  1. Hey, thelink is dead, do you have a copy please?