Saturday, February 3, 2018

Interview Preparation for Tech Companies

For a candidate, to find a job in tech industry is not easy. From the hiring company's point of view, it is even more challenging to find qualifying candidates. In a very short process of phone interview and onsite interviews, it is very difficult to properly judge a candidate. Companies today mostly rely on short algorithmic or system design questions, here are some resources that I found quite useful and hopefully will be helpful to you as well.


Elements of Programming Interviews: Java version and Python version

Free Online Resources

5-star Comprehensive Tech Interview Handbook

Assorted Notes from

System Design Gitbook by soulmachine (Online, PDF and epub)

Leetcode Algorithmic Questions and Solutions Gitbook by soulmachine (Online, PDF and epub)

Top 10 Algorithms for Coding Interview from programmingcreek, also Leetcode grouped by type

Cracking the coding interview questions and answers by Hawstein (in C++, Chinese)

Top 10 algorithms in Interview Questions from GeeksforGeeks (a very good resource, also groups questions by type, e.g. dynamic programming, etc.)


Massive Technical Interviews Tips (very good coverage of system design problems)

Learn for Master
Leetcode questions organized by companies

There are also lots of video tutorials that gives more in-depth explanation how to solve problems. One good example is Huahua's Tech Road, it has the latest collection of Leetcode problems as well. If you search on Youtube, there are tons of similar resources as well.

Online Judge and Test Sites

- Leetcode
- Lintcode
- Interview Cake
- Hacker Rank
- TopCoder
- Kaggle (for data science and machine learning)