Friday, October 29, 2010

About BitKeeper not free anymore

Recently, I am working on an assessment paper about various existing SCM systems. Basically, we see feature comparison matrices all the time as the marketing tool to sell SCM-X, however people general don’t explicitly state the scenarios for the feature comparisons. For example, you can claim SCM-X does commits 20% faster than SCM-Y, but how big is the commit size, change size, etc., are not clearly explained. We want to fill the void.

Back to the topic, the reading about BitKeeper starts from its feature comparison matrix with Subversion: Then, on Subversion site, developers jumped out and tried to debunk BitKeeper’s false claim: Then it turned out that BitMover, BitKeeper’s company is going to withdraw this free product because of many attempts of reverse-engineering in open-source world. Although Linus himself enjoyed a lot using BitKeeper for kernel development, it will happen soon and has a detailed coverage about that, also Linus’s original email. Apparently, Linus does not like Subversion at all (P.S. part) and Karl Fogel, on behalf of the Subversion team, reponded to Linus’ comments on Subversion.

Watching a war like this quite fresh experience for me: previously I thought all those open-source developers are shy, gentle, silient people with long hair or no hair. Well, it is my first time watching the flames between them.

Interestingly enough, there is a survey about “my favorite FOSS source control system” at the side bar of the editorial.

Total votes: 2393

Subversion: 37%

CVS: 24%

Darcs: 10%

Depends on project: 7%

GNU Arch: 6%, not listed: 6%

Bazaar-NG: 3%

Bazaar: 1%

Vesta: 0%, Codeville: 0%

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