Friday, October 29, 2010

cachegrind for Mac

Start to learn how to do profiling and optimization for PHP code. Found Kcachegrind is handy to visualize XDebug data. There are other similar cachegrind tools:

  1. Kcachegrind: you can get it from Macports, check out this if you don’t know how to get started with Macports. Note this might take a long time to install. In my case, I also need to install graphviz to see the call graph.

  2. MacCallGrind: this displays the data in a table structure.

  3. cachegrindvisualizer: this is a google code project, installed/coded using Adobe AIR, fairly cool UI. If you only need to see the call graph, you probably don’t need Kcachegrind anymore.

  4. webgrind: a Web UI for the cachegrind data, also shows a table-like structure.

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