Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lint for JavaScript

Lint tools are very useful to detect syntax and style errors in your code. It of course has variants for JavaScript. There are many different tool setup based on your editor. On the Mac, maybe the most popular/handy editor is TextMate.

1. a Web tool

This is the tool developed by Douglas Crockford. It has a simple Web interface. You copy and paste your code and click JSLint button, it is that simple. The drawback is every time you make a change, you need to re-copy-n-paste and repeat the validation.

2. TextMate bundles:

johnmuhl's javascript tools tmbudle
It provides a toolkit for working with JavaScript in Textmate: JSLint, various formatters, obfuscators, and compressors.

subtleGradient's javascript tools tmbundle
This is very similar to the previous tmbundle except that it uses JavaScript Lint instead of JSLint. Also, the timestamp seems more up-to-date. The installation is very straightforward, download the src, rename it to be a TextMate bundle file and let TextMate install it. Then, you access it via various key combinations.

3. TextMate integration with JSLint:

Stoyan has a nice post with all the detailed instructions. It is a bit complicated than using method #2.

4. Vim integration with JSLint:

Only saw some discussions on Stack Overflow, did not actually try it out.

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